Styled 24-7: Charcoal Dress

Maximize a basic charcoal dress from sunrise to sunset, Monday through Sunday.  I found a similar version of this dress at the Gap for $20 and I’ve seen the same style in other stores this season.

Uniqlo dress

Uniqlo dress

Charcoal Dress: 7:00 AM Monday - Rainy Day

Charcoal Dress: 7:00 AM Monday – Rainy Day by teachinginstyle

A shift is the dress you throw on when you need an outfit in a pinch.  When you wake up to rain but have prepared yourself a “dry-weather” outfit, do a quick switch.  Throw on a well-fitted white long sleeve, black tights, your rain boots (thick socks for your commute), a scarf, and your trench – a must for any professional.  Bring along a pair of black flats and change once you’ve warmed up.

Charcoal Dress: 7:00 AM Wednesday - Work

Infuse a bit of color into an otherwise dark look. Yes, those are leg-warmers, I own a pair in the same color, and I wear them with grey tights several times throughout the colder months. Keep the shade of the shirt as similar to the dress color as possible. Brown boots complement the rust and contrast against the grey. Add the green studs to keep things interesting and you’re ready to go.

Charcoal Dress: 12:00 Thursday - Parent Conference

This is the perfect example of taking it up a notch.  Here are four different hues in a tie-neck blouse.  Select the color that works best with your skin tone.  These blouses are all over the place this season.  Next, invest in a neutral, grey blazer which works well with navy and black.  The turquoise ring will complement any of the color selections and a basic drop earring will add a bit of femininity to your buttoned up look.

Charcoal Dress: 9 PM Friday - Out

Depending on the style of the dress, you may be able to wear the dress without a shirt underneath it. The one I picked up from the Gap is cut high enough allowing for this. The dress featured in this set will require a matching tank top underneath. The accessories blend charcoal and tan with hints of mixed metal, elevating the dress from work to a night out.

Charcoal Dress: 10 AM Sunday - Church

For some, church is like a runway. You carefully select your pieces, walking the line between buttoned-up office and classy night out. Church clothes always occupied their own space in my closet and were never to be worn at school or anywhere else for that matter. Orthodox churches tend to keep strict tradition, and although unintentional, this includes a lack of heat. Combine a work blouse and a faux-fur vest with flat boots for a Sunday morning look that will keep you warm and comfortable. The earrings add a bit of sparkle while the boots blend the charcoal and brown shades. If you’re uncomfortable with the faux-fur vest, opt for an open, chunky, cable sweater vest.