Teacher Toys & Tech: Kagan Learning Chips

Reflection is one of the easiest steps to omit from the learning process and by far, one of the most important. If you have five minutes at the end of class, the Kagan Learning Chips are your new life line. They are a go-to tool for someone who comes up short on time (student teaching, anyone?), or for someone who is trying to increase the reflection process.  As a priority school, I was grateful to receive a class set of chips. Each table group has their own set which I store on my cart for easy-access. With five minutes to spare, each student selects a chip and shares their response with the group.

Kagan features an assortment of theme-based sets.  Take a look and select the set that works best for your class. At $5 a set (16 varied chips in each set), or $29 for eight sets, it’s worth it.  I think purchasing the actual product far outweighs a DIY version, but here it is for the sake of your wallet…

If you’re on a budget, create your own with Poker chips.  You may be saying, why not print out question on cardstock and hand them out? Whether we like to admit it or not, students respond to something tangible, new, and different.  So, if you’re going to make your own, I would stick with something along the lines of the Poker chips.  Print the questions on stickers and apply the stickers to the Poker chip. As for the questions on the chip? Think along the lines of…
-What was the most important part of this lesson?
-What do I need more time practicing?
-How does this topic help answer our unit question?


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