Beyond the Bell: High School Reunion

Many high schools select Thanksgiving weekend as the perfect time for reunions.  Here are few outfits for your five, ten, and fifteen year reunions.

5 Year Reunion Goal:  You’ve most likely graduated from college, act like a human being.

5 Year Reunion Avoidance:  Looking like you’re still in college.  Steer clear of the mini skirt, tank top combo or else you’ll let everyone know you’re wishing you were still tearing up the beer pong table.

How to achieve the look: Pick one key piece, in this case the lace top, and pair it with jeans.  Keep jewelry limited (over-accessorizing is an easy mistake for young women), but interesting (i.e. the earring selection). A cross-body bag will allow you to hold onto your belongings while also mingling. Avoid super high platform pumps that make it known that you’re just beginning your high heel career. Wear hair in a half-up do with a slight pouf. Sleek and polished, but still young.

High School Reunion: 5 Years


10 Year Reunion Goal: You’ve established a career for yourself and you’ve got your ACT TOGETHER.

10 Year Avoidance: Looking too frumpy or looking undeveloped.

How to achieve the look:
Select an interesting skirt and keep the top simple. Use a strong blazer to top the look (that can be removed if appropriate for the setting). Add a little glitz via your jewelry and keep your purse simple to balance the bling of the necklace. Or, keep your necklace simple and opt for a sequin or beaded bag. At this point in your life, you shouldn’t have to worry about holding onto your belongings, a clutch is more sophisticated than a cross-body bag for the evening. Wear hair in a slicked ponytail or low, messy chignon.

High School Reunion: 10 Years

15 Year Reunion Goal: You’re settled with your life or ready to be settled.

15 Year Avoidance: Appearing desperate and/or hopeless.

How to achieve the look:
Select a simple, but sophisticated dress. No need for sparkles at this point in your life for the occasion. A tuxedo jacket will polish your look, or add a tan leather jacket for a more relaxed look. At this point in your life you should have a variety of evening bags, pick a bag with some punch and select a pair of complementary shoes. Hair can be worn down, as you probably have a distinct hair do at this point, or in a low chignon.

High School Reunion: 15 Years


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