Styled 24/7: Ivory Skirt

I can put up a good fight against just about anyone if it means serving as the poster child for the word “stubborn”. I take that term to a whole new level, just ask my parents, brothers, assistant camp director, co-teacher, friends, neighbors…should I keep going? Yes, I’ve been known to speed walk into the mall in order to prove to the woman holding up traffic as she awaits her “close-to-the-entrance” spot, that parking further away would have been faster. I rarely budge and this includes giving into a commission-fueled salesman who tells me an ivory skirt suit looks impeccable when I know damn well that thing needs altering in about three places.

It was Sisley’s going-out-of-business sale AKA “no returns sale”. Even more of a reason why the salesman said, “that looks so good on you, Honey”. I knew he was lying, but I wanted the suit because I’d get use out of both pieces as separates.  I ended up budging on the unnecessary purcha and stored it in my closet for about six months before wearing it. Turns out, jokes on the salesman who thought he was “selling me”, when really my cost per wear has been under $3 for each piece. I wear the ivory jacket with navy, slate blue, black, turquoise, the list goes on; the skirt just as versatile. While I don’t expect everyone to run out and find an ivory colored skirt suit, you may want to keep your eyes open, as mine has proved to be seasonless.

The skirt featured looks more like a stone-color rather than an ivory.  When shopping, look for an off-white, cream, or ivory in a lightweight, fine wool.

Ivory Pencil Skirt: 7:00 AM Wednesday - Casual Work

An ivory skirt has a dressed up feel that needs toning down in order to find a place in the professional environment. The chambray shirt and bright cardigan do the trick. Dark brown tights, boots, and a belt add a bit of polish and remove the cowgirl from the chambray. Lesson learned, cognac lends itself to a more western feel. Push up the cardigan sleeve and give the shirt a few turns up to reveal the leather bracelets.

Ivory Skirt: 8:00 PM Thursday - Dinner and Drinks

Stretch your skirt from daytime to evening, say dinner and drinks after work. You can easily transition this skirt through the seasons if you pair it with an appropriately colored blouse and blazer. I chose orange and purple tones to play on fall colors and pulled in matching accessories. If an orange bag isn’t in your wardrobe, you can substitute a neutral or taupe clutch. Jewelry should be clean with gold earrings and bangles or a colored selection if you choose.

Ivory Skirt: 8:00 PM Friday - Fancy Pants Dinner

Moving onto date night reserved for one of your city’s finest establishments. You’re probably rolling your eyes at the sight of a bodysuit, but paired with a skirt, it creates a seamless, neat line. This body suit is originally from American Apparel, a company I don’t exactly support, but a replica may be found on the racks of Forever21 or H&M. Another option would be a sheer button top with a long bandeau or lace camisole underneath. The bibb necklace is the focus of the outfit which means other accessories remain as simple as possible. Finally, the backseam stockings add an unexpected touch. Pair them with an edgy cage heel or closed toe pump if you prefer to hide your seams.

Ivory Skirt: 12:00 PM Saturday - Daytime Wedding

There’s no need to have an anxiety attack when the invitation calls for day-wedding attire. You probably have the items in your closet, they just need to be remixed in a way you haven’t yet imagined. Start with the ivory skirt and add an embellished top. The sequins or beading, whatever you choose, elevate your look to “dressed up” while the light color exudes an air of daytime styling. I chose a long sleeve top which suits my body frame much better than a tank, but if you’ve got the arms, do it! The mesh heels (on sale at DSW for $50) and purse are elegant and reveal that the couple’s special day is a bit more special than an average night out. The earrings and bracelets complement the embellishment on the shoes. Select one or two of the bangles, wrap a metallic scarf around your neck and you’ve got daytime wedding written all over you, no dress-shopping necessary! I also love the idea of a neutral leather jacket to accompany the look. So, pick one, the scarf or the jacket.

Ivory Skirt: 12 PM Saturday - Brunch

Like the workplace, weekend brunch calls for casual styling of the ivory skirt. In order to take this skirt for morning mimosas, top it with something comfortable like a pullover sweatshirt or one of those structured sweatshirt jackets. The boots and leg warmers keep the look comfortable and warm. A mustard-colored crossbody bag complements the green while bringing a sense of practicality if shopping or tourist activities follow your meal. The purple earrings add a bit of interest while the bracelets keep things simple.


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