Teaching Trenches: Snacks For Work

My classroom may be mistaken for a grocery store at times because I carry a range of snacks to keep me satisfied throughout the day.  Since I have access to a refrigerator, I replenish a few staples every week so that I can rely on them if I don’t have time to pack a lunch or dinner if I know I’ll be spending evenings at work.  Here is my stash:

Snacks For Work

Cliff Bars if I ever forget or don’t have time for breakfast.
Dried apricots mix well with the almonds. Throw in a few with the handful of nuts.
Chobani are stocked on a weekly basis, and yes, sometimes they go missing just like they do in the commercials. I prefer vanilla and find it to be an incredibly filling afternoon snack.
Ak-mak sesame crackers are a nod to my heritage. I keep them in my desk drawer as a pairing for the turkey or peanut butter if I need a mini-meal.
Almonds are filling and hold me over if I need a quick bite before the bell or if I’m going to run errands after work.
Larabars, self-explanatory and are the perfect sweet snack when you need it.
PB&J is my comfort food when I need a dinner and don’t have one. I have it with the sesame crackers since keeping bread isn’t ideal.
Jolly Ranchers, when you need a pick me up.
Cottage cheese is a good alternative to yogurt when you need a snack.
Unsalted pretzels when you need carbs.
Turkey — yes, I’m serious. I keep this at school for dinners when I’m trying to cut back on carbs and increase protein. This keeps me from buying junk in the vending machine and fills me up.
Grapes. Frozen. These are a staple in our workroom and just about everyone lives off these suckers.


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