Weekend Escape: Alma Mater Visit

Many of you have probably made your annual Homecoming visit by now, but a few weeks remain for football-driven visits.  When packing for a college trip where football will be the main attraction, start with your spirited outfit and build from there.  I chose brown as my neutral and added different accent colors for each outfit. I just discovered these boots over at Complex Cardigans and had an easy time pairing them in different styles.

Here are the essentials all together in a collection:

Alma Mater Visit: The Suitcase

Helpful Hints:

1. Jewelry is minimal, this is not the weekend for making a statement.

2. Both bags are cross-body which are useful for being in the stands and maneuvering through crowded places.

3. If you are traveling to a chillier climate, you may want to swap the leather jacket with a wool peacoat.

4. I didn’t include pj’s this time — but there should be enough room for a simple set.

5. A brown cross-body bag may be a bit more practical and already in your closet.

Alma Mater Visit: Friday Night

You’ll most likely find yourself at a pub of some sort on Friday night, so a pair of jeans and a casual tank top will be plenty (The one featured is a bit pricey, but as you see, these things are everywhere.  I picked up a very similar one from J.Crew for $20 down from $70).  Throw on the open front cardigan to separate yourself from the actual college girls.  I love the colors in this scarf, they are an unexpected combination and tie together the top and purse.

Alma Mater Visit: Saturday Football

I brought out school colors in Saturday’s outfit and used the scarf as the focal point.  How I managed to find a purple and gold scarf is beyond me, but it’s perfect for the occasion.  As for the shearling vest, you may feel more comfortable in a “puff vest”, but I think the sherling is a bit more unexpected.  Plan to bring an extra layer if the weather calls for it.  Simple color-coordinated studs will be just enough with the chunky ring.

Alma Mater Visit: Saturday Night

My favorite outfit of the weekend is built around this dress which keeps with the neutral rule while adding a bit of “red”.  Following the tights rule, they match the boots and dress and again, separate you from the “college kids”.  The leather jacket and purse complement the dress and take things up a notch while looking low-key.  The pendant necklace keeps with the vibe of the dress.

Alma Mater Visit: Sunday Brunch & Travel

Bring out the jeans again for Sunday brunch and travel.  I chose a blue so that the scarf and leather jacket can be reused.  I opted for the purple bag over the blue bag which would have been too “matchy” and pulled it together with the purple studs.  This outfit will carry you from the morning through your travel.


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