Beyond the Bell: Holiday Party

A few looks to get everyone through the next few weeks.  Let’s start with some tips:

1.  Colors:  Try to incorporate winter neutrals:  ivory, cream, taupe, blush, etc.

2.  Wear proper outerwear:  If you’re going to be party hopping and hailing cabs all night, one would think a jacket is necessary. I’m tired of seeing girls prancing around the city like they’re still in college.  There’s a caveat: Please refrain from pairing your sequins with your Northface, Patagonia, I don’t care what it is, fleece.  Tights work wonders and I’m a huge fan of the NUDEST, SHEEREST pantyhose you can find.  Hanes Bare are great, I don’t care what the fashion police say.  Yes, that little layer keeps you that much warmer.  I would steer clear of hats, gloves, scarves as much as possible; these are the things that get left behind after a few beverages.

3.  Think beyond the cocktail dress.  I vowed I will get through the holiday season without wearing one dress.  I’ve got a black leather skirt and ivory blouse on deck for this weekend.

4.  Dressing festive doesn’t have to be revealing.  It’s winter, you’re not on the beach!  Cover up!

5.  And just a few words for attending parties: bring a gift…always (see this week’s gift guide); ask around before you decide to bring a guest.  For all you know, you’ll be the only one bringing a significant other, and yes, you should feel silly.  If you decide to bring a guest, politely ask the host/hostess (even if it’s to an open house party) beforehand; offer to bring an appetizer or dessert — and I don’t mean slice and bake cookies or a veggie tray from grocery store.  When you do bring said food item, expect to leave the leftovers (if you make something that’s actually tasty, there probably won’t be any to worry about).  Prepare in advance, put the food on something other than your grandmother’s sterling silver; if you’re the last one at the party you should be a “dearest or nearest”, if not, say your goodbyes and run like the wind; send a thank you note on a piece of stationary the following week.  Cheers!

Sequin Skirt Part 1: Gold

I love the idea of a dressed up skirt and casual top. The look on the right is all about being casual with the rose gold and crossbody bag. The crystal earrings balance the glitz on the bottom and let me tell you those things are pretty darn useful (I received a pair as a bridesmaid gift and have worn them with just about every color combination). The gussied up side is all about keeping things together with the silver in the skirt, the feminine top, and the shiny shoes and sparkly jewels. As for the rules, these outfits are fairly neutral and light. Add a neutral leather jacket for warmth.

Sequin Skirt: Silver

I have no idea how this skirt fits, but I love the idea and the colors. The look on the left is all about business with the structured blazer and monochrome accessories. The casual look on the right can be done with the oxfords or a simple silver flat. The slouchy sweater and crossbody bag keep things low key. Keeping with the rules, this is a covered up look on top to balance the short skirt. Add your blackest opaque tights to keep your legs warm.

Maxi Skirt for the Holidays

Wearing a maxi skirt is unexpected among all the sequin minis, tight bandage skirts, and cocktail dresses. Go for one of two looks: glam it up or boho it back. Those Zara heels are stunning and would look quite vamp with the slit. The black adds sophistication to the a rather laid back skirt. If you opt for the boho look, the booties are key. The accessories blend right in and keep things cool. The sparkle top is a bargain and the belt will add a bit of polish to either look. We’ve got a neutral palette and we’re covered up. Add a pashmina in black or neutral for warmth.


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