Acceptable Plagiarism: Week of December 5, 2011

In the edu•sphere, the NEA steps up their attempt to redefine the teaching profession.  NEA President Dennis Van Roekel says a career ladder for teachers, with steps including Novice, Professional, and Master Teacher. Those in leadership roles would be evaluated less frequently and earn a higher salary in exchange for working longer hours, mentoring colleagues, and taking on more challenging teaching assignments. In addition, Van Roekel said NEA will help interested affiliates adopt peer-assistance and -review teacher evaluation programs. Something to raise the level of professionalism in this field?  I like.

In the fashion•sphere, this summer’s maxi skirts are being winterized all over the web.  Check out some street style inspiration at The Satorialist and Chill Air and Perfume’s down to earth interpretations (because New York’s walkways are more like runways).

In the shopping•sphere, I came across this sterling silver initial ring from at Avon.  I’ve never ordered anything from Avon, but think it’s a great gift with a personalized touch for under $15.  Would be a great gift for a teenage girl.

In the blogger•sphere, check out Cheap Chic’s guide to glitter tip nails, done in a non-blogger way.  Meaning, this look is attainable and not for ladies who take self-portraits in front of street signs and storefronts.

In the teach-me•sphere, check out this geek chic video from The Beauty Department if you’ve ever been called four eyes.  I take “visually impaired” to a whole new level with a whopping -7(if someone were to attack me in my sleep, I’d be screwed).00″ rx.


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