I Need A…Work Bag

Choosing a work bag is almost as difficult as choosing between Wendy’s (Frosty!!!) or McDonald’s (skinny, warm, potato sticks).  For some, that sounds like a no-brainer…go to the store, pick out something cute within your price range and start toting.  For others, that decision can inflict a serious mind-juggle for an extended period of time, passing one fast food establishment after another, until you settle on two separate stops at desired drive-thrus.  Hopefully, your work bag dilemma ends differently and you settle on one really good bag, rather than two decent bags.  My first work bag carried me through student teaching and about four solid years of teaching.  It was a cognac-colored leather tote from Fossil.  Let me tell you, among the quilted Vera, LL Bean boat totes, and Northface backpacks, no one was sporting a Fossil tote — they didn’t make a comeback until recently.  Regardless, I think a work bag says a lot about your professionalism.  Ladies, please stay away from the totes your students imprinted with their paint-covered hands, no matter how cute they may be.  Invest in as good of a bag as you can, and I promise it will carry you through.  I prefer a cognac color because it will go with blacks and browns, but some prefer black.  I almost think it’s too severe for a teacher, but go for it if your wardrobe sees fit.  A huge advocate of a nice leather work bag, I replaced my Fossil with a canvas/leather bag which I couldn’t be happier with.  There are a few available on ebay, and I have seen them in the Marshall’s bag aisles lately.

The big decision you need to make is whether you’ll store your laptop in a sleeve, stowed in your bag, or if you will carry a separate laptop bag on the days your confused about why you became a teacher and you’re working at home into the wee hours of the night.  So, make that decision and get a bag that fits your needs.

Here are some picks:

Work Bags

One thought on “I Need A…Work Bag

  1. I used to carry a cute tote bag too but have since converted to a regular old canvas tote bag with my alma mater’s logo on it. Maybe it has something to do with the pride in my education, but mainly it’s just convenient. My husband, on the other hand has this beautiful leather messenger bag from Fossil that we thrifted a while back. The color is a cognac that is simply gorgeous. Maybe I should up my game a bit and get myself a nicer bag.

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