Styled 24/7: Black Vest

I always worried about the “vest look” resembling the awful 80’s just a tad too much, but I found one at the Gap for under $14 and figured I’d give it a try. Secretly, I purchased the vest so I could pull off the formal look.

Black Vest - Work

I love the sleek look of a vest and skirt for work. It’s polished and elevates the every day pencil skirt and shirt combo. Add a touch of red or any other color you fancy, throw on some professional pumps, you’re out the door. I would reserve my vest for a presentation day or parent conference day; looks like a suit without the confines of a jacket.

Black Vest - Shopping

I prefer wide leg jeans for shopping, they’re easy on and easy off. Pair these with a heeled boot that isn’t too high or too uncomfortable. The neutrals tone down the “black” of the vest. I love the earrings for a bit of a boho feel.

Black Vest - Mixer

I belong to a young professionals group that sponsors various networking, social, and community events. I usually spruce up my outfit with a quick shoe, pant, or accessory change in between work and the event. On top this outfit says all business, on the bottom, it can easily transition into drinks for later. In this case the pants and shoes are a little edgy, so I kept the accessories sophisticated. These Gap skinny pants are still my favorite black pants and preferred over black jeans.

Black Vest - Formal

This outfit WILL happen. May not be until I get my arms toned, glowing, and radiant, but it will happen before spring. I love this look that plays off the tuxedo outfit for women. You can go for silver or gold based on the accessories in your closet. I would keep the shoe as strappy as possible. I couldn’t keep those gold shoes out of this equation, so I added them regardless of their coverage. This look is simple and streamlined, and the accessories should follow suit (especially if gold). You can really make this as formal or informal as you want. I would stick to a bootcut or wideleg unless you’re 5’10” and have the gams of an Amazon.

Black Vest - Brunch

Why not maximize this piece as much as possible by dressing it down for a Sunday brunch. Keep it casual with ballet flats and a feminine skirt. This scarf looks comfy and warm, not to mention I love blue and hot pink for a fun combination!


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