Teaching Trenches: Gift Guide for your Co-Workers

You work with these people everyday and while the end of the year is a time to thank, there’s nothing harmful in spreading some cheer and appreciation at this time of year. As the goal of this blog is to elevate the professionalism in teaching, I think this is just one more step. This is one more way to follow our peers in other professional fields. I’m not expecting you to drop a life savings, but there are plenty of “un-cheap”, useful, and NECESSARY gifts that your colleagues will appreciate. Yes, I said, necessary. There are some people that require a gift, and I’ll tell you who the first one is…your custodian.
Co-worker Gift Guide: Custodians

Co-Work Gift Guide: Secretaries and Guidance
Co-Worker Gift Guide: Department Colleagues
White Chocolate Bark Recipe here!
Co-worker Gift Guide: Instructional Assistant
Co-Worker Gift Guide: Administrators
Co-Worker Gift Guide: Co-teacher
Co-Worker Gift Guide: Team Teachers
Co-Worker Gift Guide: First Year Mentee


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