Teacher Dress Up: Pajama Day

Teacher Dress Up: Pajama Day
If you’re like the rest of the teaching population, you anticipate pajama day almost as much as Christmas morning.  For me, pajama day has always been a day of anxiety, as I walk the fine line between wanting to show school spirit and being professional/appropriate.  Here are some guidelines that will keep things acceptable:

1.  Do not roll up to school in your pajamas!  You may not think it’s a big deal on the way in the door, but on the way out, you feel pretty darn awkward.  You will feel especially ridiculous if you need to make an emergency stop at the drugstore or pick up some forgotten groceries on the way home.  Also, you may have an impromptu parent conference or a forgotten IEP meeting, and pajamas should not be acceptable.  You Starbucks visitors, you especially should change upon arriving to school.  Otherwise, the questions will ensue while you wait in line, and you will do nothing but lower our professionalism in the eyes of the outside world.  “They get out of work at 3:00 AND they wear pajamas??”

2.  Keep the B, B, B, & B covered!  Believe it or not, it’s awkward for your students to see you in pajamas…so make sure everything is covered.  Wear nude colored underwear and as dark a print as possible.  Most pajamas are made out of thin fabric, and your flowers, stripes, polka-dots can easily make an appearance.  Wear a tank top underneath your top.

3.  What not to wear:  Leggings (they are not pajamas), a track suit (again, not pajamas), matching top and bottoms (now you’re talking uneasy buttons, weird prints, etc.), shorts (do I need to explain?), silk (really, I’ve seen it).

4.  Footwear:  I keep a pair of slippers in my desk, so I always have a pair on hand to swap out when I get to school.  In fact, I originally purchased them for pajama day.  You may want to purchase a cheap, warm pair for pajama days at work so you aren’t contaminating your house slippers with adolescent grossies.

5.  Hair & Make-up:  Crucial.  Keep it natural.  There is no reason to roll out of bed just because its pajama day, but I also wouldn’t cake on the make-up.  You’ll just look like you’re about to film an inappropriate movie.


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