Weekend Escape: Packing for the Holidays

The selections allow you to carry a manageable suitcase whether you’re traveling by road, rail, or air.

Packing for the Holidays: Suitcase

Simple jewelry, black basics, a cream coat, and a few colored accents round out the wardrobe. All you need are a pair of boots and a pair of flats for variety.

Packing for the Holidays: Travel

Black skinny jeans and a blanket sweater will keep you comfortable on a long trip. Couple the outfit with a pair of comfortable yet chic boots, throw on a snood to keep you warm, and pack your essentials in the roomy satchel.

Packing for the Holidays: Christmas Eve

Nothing says Christmas like a plaid, wool skirt. Pair it with a feminine blouse, black tights while you get another wear out of the boots. Let the glitz of the pearl studs shine on their own or add the chunky pearl necklace for a bit of interest. The blue bag will also work with this outfit and keep the look cohesive. This outfit is comfortable for a family gathering and appropriate for church if your family attends Christmas Eve services.

Packing for the Holidays: Christmas Morning

To this day, I always somewhat plan my Christmas morning apparel. Maybe it was the pile-up of Christmas photos gone bad, but really the glasses, side pony tail, and bright pink onesie removed any “magic” out of the tears of joy-photo when I opened the maroon American Girl box back in 1990.  So, yes, plan your Christmas morning get-up without trying too hard so those pictures are a bit less horrifying.  Comfortable lounge pants and a cotton shirt, coupled with the blanket cardigan and slippers will keep you toasty for the morning festivities. Slippers are key to feeling comfortable when you’re away from home, so pack a pair, or keep an extra if you frequently visit your destination.


Packing for the Holidays: Christmas Dinner

Christmas is all about looking bright and merry (I mean that literally), while maintaining a sense of comfort. This dress seems to achieve the desired look, paired with a pair of flats to keep you comfortable while playing with the kiddies and painless for dishwashing time.

Packing for the Holidays: Day After Christmas

Get another wear out of your travel outfit by swapping the blanket sweater for this red, loose sweater. Comfortable for the ride home, fashion approved for the airport.

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