Share the Wealth: Lola James Jewelry

Finding jewelry that pleases an on-trend best friend, a boho-chic younger sister, and a girlie cousin can be a nerve-wracking task. Going to a local boutique is always a sure bet, but having a go-to place on the Interwebs is convenient and calming when you need to find a unique gift. Lola James jewelry comes in a range of prices and fits a wide array of styles.
Here are some of my favorite necklace picks:

Lola James Jewelry

For the glam girl: #1, #2
For the boho bomb: #7, #11
For the girlie girl: #5, #9
For the lovely lady: #3, #6
For the trendy type: #12
For the classic kind: #4, 10
For the quirky queen: #13
For personalized punch: #8, or select the teardrop or pebbles and match to birthstone color


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