Socratic Seminar: No Pencil, No Uggs!

Sometimes I’m more concerned about my mother’s reaction than my students’ parents’ reaction to the remarks I make on the daily. Two years ago, I coined the phrase, “No pencil, no uggs!” in response to the outrageously high number of students who show up to class donning sheepskin, and claiming they can’t buy school supplies. The rule is simple, if you walk into my room without a full armory of supplies you better swap out those Uggs for your shape-ups, because I will call you out. I know it sounds mean, lacks compassion, and robs a bunch of teeny boppers from believing in wants vs needs, but I highly doubt those Ugg boots are going to earn them a high school diploma. I figure I’m teaching them a lesson in economics. This comment has resulted in two parents stopping me in the produce aisle to verify the truth behind the statement their daughter and son reported to them. And my answer remained the same, yes, I do not want to see Ugg boots on your daughter’s feet until she goes to the store and stocks her bare empty pencil pouch. Not sure if my mother is right when she says I’ve crossed the line.


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