Teacher Toys & Tech: Fly Swatter

Although I will argue the case that teaching is NOT a bag of tricks, a good teacher has a bag of tricks filled with toys that enhance, engage, and excite their class. I pride myself on my dollar store finds and always purchase extra because I can give them away at liberty without comprising the exercises in my room. So, next time your at the Dollar Tree pick up a few fly swatters.

A few uses:
I use them for vocabulary review games at least once a week. Using a grid projected on the board (or a hand-written display of the words), have teams slap the word that best fits the definition you read. This can be used with people, places, events, dates, etc. An alternative is to display answers around the room. This is more suitable for a small class since students will be scurrying throughout the room.

Geography review. Name the place, have students slap the fly swatter on the map. It’s simple, it’s easy cost-efficient, and it’s fun.

If you’re reviewing for a test and you want to provide support, fly swatters are great. Pose the question, have two answers projected on the board, student has two choices for their answer, and swats the answer they believe to be correct.

And, if you want to make a case for a whiteboard in your classroom, demonstrate your capabilities with a fly swatter. You’ll make a strong case for yourself.


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