Weekend Escape: Winter Wedding

Fall/Winter weddings are becoming more popular, and I fully support festivities taking place in the cooler months when it seems you’re always looking for a weekend escape.

I just returned from a wedding, one that I was in, so although this set doesn’t feature a bridesmaid gown, I tried to include as many parts a wedding weekend may entail.

Weekend Getaway: Winter Wedding

As for travel, keep it comfy. Throw on a pair of leggings, the heather grey tunic, and black boots. This can be worn out for lunch with the bridal party and to the salon/spa for manicures. Wear the simple rhinestone earrings, crystal pendant necklace, and eternity band. The satchel is large enough for travel and suitable for toting around wherever the day takes you. Add a scarf for warmth if needed.

For the rehearsal dinner (for bridal party/out of town guests) I selected a modern, simple dress. Pair it with a strap heel, the bibb necklace, enamel bracelets, gold and black stud earrings, and crystal ring. I love the idea of a fur vest over a cocktail dress which is a bit more feminine than a leather jacket or blazer. Use the black clutch to store your belongings.

Pajama/lounge outfit consists of your basic lounge pant and long sleeve shirt. Slippers are must when you’re traveling and these are slim enough to store in your suitcase.

Morning of, including bridal prepping requires a button down shirt. I chose a tunic length to pop over the leggings. Not much else is needed since this will probably be done at the bride’s house or hotel suite.

I chose a long black dress, which may seem unoriginal, but the one-shoulder silhouette adds some sophistication and style. Choose a gold embellished belt, or a gold chain belt that will turn up this simple dress at least one notch. Wearing the same shoe saves you space in your suitcase and this pair will suit the dress just fine. A platform pair with a touch of gold would also work, or a gold strappy sandal if your closet is equipped. As for jewelry, the cuff is sleek, the black chandelier earrings complement, and the cocktail ring finishes out the look. Again, use the black clutch and the scarf (as a shawl) or, the vest if needed. Pick one, not both.

For brunch the day after, throw on jeans, a white long sleeve or short sleeve, and the open front vest. Rewear the rhinestone studs, pendant necklace, and eternity band.

If you need an outfit for drinks one evening, the open front vest paired and a tank top, paired with the skinny jeans, and heels (or boots if more casual) will carry you through. Another outfit that can be created is the oxford tunic and faux fur vest paired with leggings or jeans.

A few tips:
This suitcase is filled with a black and ivory color scheme, which doesn’t have to be limiting. A colorful accessory (a different clutch, cuff, or scarf) could easily liven things up.

Keep jewelry all gold or all silver in order to reduce the number of pieces required. Also, using the same pair of dress shoes will save you room in your suitcase.


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