Toys & Tech: History of the Universe in 127 Seconds


Awesome introduction for a history course or a specific unit. Choose an event that is featured for just a split second and pose the question…
The creator of this video chose to include ______________ [insert name of event] in a video titled, “The History of the Universe in 127 Seconds”. Explain whether you agree or disagree with the inclusion of this event.

Teacher Dress Up: Neon Spirit Day

Spirit days are always dicey.  Some will judge you while others will admire your spirit.  Take the safe route.  Acknowledge the spirit day while staying true to your professionalism.  Below are two options.  First option is for schools where spirit days translate into dress down days.  Second option is for schools where no-jeans-Friday reigns.

Neon Spirit Day Casual
Neon Spirit Day: Dressed Up