I Need A…Pair of Dress Work Boots

I’m still filling gaps in my winter wardrobe.  On the rare occasion I develop the will to purge my closet, I rarely regret any of the losers.  However, this past year, I definitely felt a void after tossing a pair of mustard(?) kitten heel, mid-calf leather boots that I picked up at Ross about six years ago.  I haven’t found a replacement and after hours of virtual searching, I came up with nothing similar.  While I picked up a junkie pair of cognac boots from H&M, the heel broke in the middle of my first wear, and I’m still searching.  In any case, I put together a collection of ankle boots to alternate with bare-footed ballet flats, pumps, or the full length boot.

I Need A Pair of Dress Work Boots

The filter here went as follows… a round, but not too round, toe. Or, a pointy, but not too pointy, toe; a decent leather or suede that will complement many color combinations; heel needs to be short and thin, or if a bit taller, thickness (not clunkiness) is essential.


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