Savvy Strategy: Character Tissue Box

Acquiring tissue boxes is just as difficult as avoiding the cold that the tissues will be needed for.  After several years of purchasing boxes and boxes of tissues, I gave in by selecting a project that could be categorized as “arts and crafts”.  After reading a class novel, students were asked to design and create a character (tissue) box.  Here are the directions:

Side 1 – make a character claim: _____________________ [insert name of character] is ___________________ [insert adjective].

Side 2 – provide evidence:  list three quotes from the text that support claim sentence.

Side 2 – symbol:  create or print a symbol representing your character

Side 4 – literary terms:

_________________ [insert name of character] is a protagonist/antagonist because…

_________________ [insert name of character] is a major/minor character because…

_________________ [insert name of character] is a likable/unlikeable character because…

Students should cover, decorate, accentuate their boxes.  Remind students that tissue box should be FULL and the opening should be left uncovered.  I learned this the hard way.  No matter how many times I explain the purpose and draw attention to the need for tissues, I still find myself +2 boxes filled with air.


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