Beyond the Bell: Spring Evening Bridal Shower – Floral Dress Code

Evening showers are becoming ever-so-popular.  Young, not stuffy; celebratory, not boring.  These events are much more exciting than a brunch affair infested with in-laws devouring finger sandwiches and mortified grandparents gasping at the sight of racy lingerie.  This spring I am on the hunt for an outfit that fulfills the following requirements:

venue:  loft space

location:  New York City

purpose:  Friday evening bridal shower

season:  spring

dress code:  floral

additional requirements:  potential for a night on the town following the event

I put together the following sets based on four desired styles and the fact that my closet boasts a tremendous collection totaling ZERO floral items.

Floral Shower Spring

Sophisticated:  The pants favor a more classic approach and could be worn to work earlier in the day with a switch of shoes and an added jacket.

Feminine:  This is probably not the route I would go, but favors more of the “after party” piece of the equation.  Would be appropriate for a dressier crowd.

Casual:  I’m most comfortable in casual chic.  I love the idea of a loose blouse with a dress short. The heels and blazer are a requirement to keep the look appropriate for the occasion.

Polished:  Seems like the most practical option.  An easy-to-find floral skirt, paired with a simple white blouse (no buttons) and accessorized with a simple sandal and clutch.  I would begin building with items in my closet and then finding the missing pieces (as in, the skirt).


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