Teacher Dress Up: Back to School Night

If I wrote this post five years ago, you’d see a casual suit and simple top featured in the set.     Over the last few years, maybe because I’m more comfortable with my age in this profession, I’ve let go of the suit and moved to a more approachable look while still looking polished.  I still recommend a “casual” suit look for novices.  It elevates your look since its difficult to add years to the spring chickens out there.  Below is a simple, classic ensemble – ready to go for Back to School Night.

Back to School Night

Here are the pieces…

This skirt can be used within the confines of a school setting or for plenty of occasions beyond the bell.  I would probably opt for a basic black button up shirt, though for purposes of the set, I went with the “chiffon” look featured below.  I love the idea of a crisp collar with a simple necklace.  The earrings pair well with the ring, though I searched high and low for a “cream” version of these gem drop earrings.  I chose the red shoes as a bit of color for an otherwise plain look.  Since your shoes are not always visible, they won’t distract parents while you’re speaking.  I highly recommend flats for this occasion, though a pointed toe is favorable to a round toe.

The mascara and nail polish are the only “beauty” essentials I am sure to have on Back to School Night.  Also, a quick, light roll of perfume does the trick, since many people don’t have time to go home after school.

Keep it simple, no jingly jewelry, nothing excessive that will draw attention away from the important stuff.  Though, your outfit should command a level of professionalism and business, that will hopefully transfer into your working relationships with parents.


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