Teacher Dress Up: Camel Skirt Four Ways

Four Ways Camel Pencil Skirt

After a twelve year J. Crew hiatus, I have slowly reintroduced this storefront into my mall repertoire. I’m still undecided about whether or not I will continue to frequent the store, and creasing seems to be the reason.  Though a more professional selection awaits at J.Crew, my Gap wardrobe fares far better than most of my J.Crew pieces.  In any case, I picked up this camel #2 skirt this summer and it has been a staple (crease and all).  Here are four quick outfits, that are easy to pull off.

When choosing a chambray shirt for this skirt, I go with my a heavy weight and dark shade.  I go for my dark brown boots rather than a perfectly matched tan/camel boot.  My fall scarf this year is a mix of burgundy, lilac, and army green.  This was the closest match I could.  I highly recommend this hard to find color combo.  It will match far more than you expect.  I chose tribal inspired jewelry to pair with the scarf’s print.

Down to the more dressed up workwear, I’ve worn this skirt with both an ivory blouse and navy blouse.  I kept the ivory blouse combination neutral from head to toe.  The actual piece from my closet is an Old Navy chiffon-esque blouse (similar to this one, but with half the buttons up the front) from last year that I have worn all $10 worth, three times over.  I like the orange belt to brighten up the look and the wooden bangle to relax it a bit.  Brighten and relax…an oxymoron?

This week I paired the skirt with a blouse and floral skirt.  I ended up wearing the my outerwear (a cream-colored puffy vest) all day in an effort to stop the teeth chatter.  I kind of liked the look and was actually quite comfortable.  i stuck with my chocolate brown riding boots, but a taller build may be able to pull off the ankle boot for a more casual look.


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