Weekend Escape: London {Late Winter/Early Spring}

Weekend Getaway: Trip to London Late Winter Early SpringWeekend Getaway: Trip to London Late Winter Early Spring by teachinginstyle featuring a zip top tote

This packing list is tried-and-true.  Layering bulky items and rolling thinner items will result in a perfectly-packet suitcase that’s easy to lug through the airport and the streets.  I created two outfits from each pair of pants, resulting in six easy ensembles that can be swapped based on the weather, occasion, or desired level of comfort. I chose a neutral color scheme with hints of red and navy.

Weekend Getaway - London {Plane To and From}

For the plane, a pair of leggings and multiple layers will serve you well, topped off with a large scarf, of course.  I wear boots on the plane to alleviate suitcase space, but quickly change to my “travel slippers” on the plane.  A watch is my only accessory “necessity” on a plane with easy on-off access for security.  Yes.  Food is a must.  Yes.  Gradebook app on iPad is a must.

Weekend Getaway - London: Skinny Cargos Two Ways

Skinny cargos go a long way because they’re comfortable and fairly neutral.  I debated the rain boot issue for quite some time, but was happy I packed them. I threw the sneakers inside the rain boots, so they didn’t add much bulk.  You could easily ditch the riding boots if the forecast promises heavy rain.  Ditch the sneakers if you have an exceptionally comfortable pair of riding boots that pair well over the cargos.  The raincoat is light and can be stored away in the nylon tote (easily packed in suitcase) when the rain stops.  As for the sunny side, a faux fur vest is an easy topper – I’d rather have my arms free, but it could easily be left behind and replaced with the big, chunky scarf.

Weekend Getaway - London: Jeans Two Ways

Jeans are my article of choice, but I find the Paige Skyline Ankle to be fairly comfortable.  I chose a lighter shade so that it contrasts against the navy sweater.  The scarf and bag add great color (I still love this crossbody).  As for the cold weather pairing, layers are key and the sweatshirt jacket adds just that.  I would chose the “cold weather” outfit for a more casual day of sightseeing.

You could easily do a four/five day trip with jeans, a pair of skinny cargos, and leggings. I chose to add the black skinnies in case there was a dinner out. These pants are a bit dressier than a legging and still pair well with the color scheme.  The scarf looks great against the blue top.  Throw on the vest and you’re good to go.  This vest could be replaced with a simple blazer.  The outfit on the right is a repeat with an alternative bottom, but is nonetheless an option.

Bags:  I stuffed the nylon tote flat in my suitcase which added no bulk…sometimes you just need something bigger than a small crossbody. Speaking of which, I filled this with my toiletries and threw it in my carry-on.

Jewelry:  Keep.it.Simple.  A watch and a pair of studs is really all you need. I will stress the watch because it seemed I could never find a clock when I wanted one.  I guess this is reason #45 that separates London beauty from New York’s flashing lights.  I guess I can’t find fault with the desire to preserve the royal streets rather than plaster digital, bulb-illuminated numbers alongside every building.  A few simple bracelets and a ring will do for the entire duration of the trip.

Miscellaneous:  Of course a set of lounge/sleepwear is high on my priority list when I’m away from home. Make-up is incredibly low on my priority list when I’m on vacation. My motto: no one knows me. Therefore, I usually pack a bronzer/blush compact, mascara, some lip gloss, and a good lotion.


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