Teacher Toys and Tech: Doctopus

Feel like I’ve been living under a rock.  For the last three years, I’ve allowed my Google Drive to exist as a black hole for all student documents.  But, alas, relying on the search feature can only go so far.  Committed to maximizing my Google Drive capabilities and equipped with bare minimum skills, I loaded up my YouTube queue with about ten videos promising to teach me the necessities.  DOCTOPUS, where have you been?  Watch this video to help you manage the distribution of electronic documents in your classroom at the whole class, group, or differentiated level.

Real Classroom Application:  I most recently used this approach for distributing a recurring reading assignment for my students.  Every week, students received their “reading template” and when edited, the files were updated in my Drive.  The files are organized by assignment so that I can view each week, one at a time.

The second application took place in a research setting.  Every student was assigned a folder, and every document along the way went into that folder.  This made it easier to see students’ progress on a student by student basis.


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