Acceptable Plagiarism: Stalkable Sites

In need of some teaching inspiration, I’ve been doing some targeted searching and have landed on two sites that I find to be packed with knowledge, application, and straight up quality.  The first of the sites – Middle School Teacher to Literacy Coach – is chock-full of practical strategies for reading workshop.  Some of my favorite posts include:

Middle School Teacher to Literacy CoachUsing mentor sentences to improve grammar:  This post outlines the perfect model for using mentor sentences as a means of grammar instruction.  A nice alternative to students CORRECTING erroneous sentences.

Great Anchor Charts:  Here (finding theme) and here (geared toward guided reading) and here (miscellaneous selection).

Making Guided Reading Groups Work in Middle Schools:  Though Kasey teaches at a school with a double period of language arts, this is still worth a read to gain better insight into materializing a guided reading group approach in your own classroom.  This is a great model for homogenous reading groups.

Fluency Strategies:  A basic, but decent list of five quick strategies to improve reader fluency.

Literature Study:  A very practical schedule for literature study – students organized in heterogeneous groups to build age-appropriate discussion about books.

Spelling:  A weeklong plan for individualized spelling assessment.

Writing Conferences:  A great video and post detailing a well-run writing conference

Classroom Library Activity:  A post outlining how Kasey organizes and introduces students to her classroom library.

B10Next up, B10 Loves Books.  Erica advocates for the They Say, I Say model.  She has great posts on both reading and writing.  Some of favorites include:

Academic Vocabulary – Using Marzano’s Approach:  I love this post because I use this approach in the classroom and it has proven incredibly helpful, especially with English Language Learners.

Word Chunking – Teaching Vocabulary: Teaching Latin word chunks as outlined by Kelly Gallagher.  Worth the read.

Holding Kids Accountable through Reading Ladders:  A great way for students to reflect on their reading progress. Erica includes a very detailed approach to this strategy.

Classroom Library Organization:  Erica relies on Classroom Booksource a computer-based check-in, check-out system and she provides a very thorough description of her collection and organization system.  She also has a book room organization post if you are looking to clean house.

Writing Workshop:  Erica has several posts to help you plan writing workshop in your classroom.  She has fairly extensive information on the “They Say, I Say” model.


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