Book Club: February 2015

Not all titles are hot off the press, but these reads have been rotating through the class library as of late.

Book Club - February 2015

Unbroken/Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children/The Raft/Never Fall Down/The Selection/Insignia

Unbroken:  mention is self-explanatory; well-received by boys; mass appeal due to film release; Lexile – 850

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children:  well-received by mature readers; sprinkling of photographs as bizarre as the text they accompany; Lexile – 890

Insignia:  well-received by both genders, especially boys; part one of a three-part trilogy followed by Vortex and Catalyst; Lexile – HL750

Never Fall Down:  High-Low book that fills the memoir genre; features the story of a Cambodian Genocide survivor; authenticity brought about through the broken English that captures the character’s voice; Lexile – 710

The Raft:  High-Low survival story packed with emotion; Lexile – HL680

The Selection:  Exactly what it looks like; present-day selection for the role of princess; A favorite among female readers; part one of a three-part series (followed by The Elite and The One; Lexile – HL680