Teacher Dress Up: Spring Field Trip

Spring Field Trip

Spring Field Trip by teachinginstyle

Recently, I was on a spring, outdoor field trip. While I acknowledge that it’s difficult to dress comfortably for a field trip, there are certain articles to avoid. I saw a few too many outfits styled similar to the outfit on the left. While I wouldn’t be afraid to wear the outfit in public (minus that backpack), I wouldn’t necessarily wear it in front of teenagers or my colleagues on a school trip.

The outfit on the right is an alternative to the pieces from the original ensemble.  Just because a field trip calls for casual attire, doesn’t mean your weekend wear is appropriate.  I substituted a simple straight jean for the distressed style on the left, careful to avoid a too-skinny leg.  Also, I subbed a metallic sheen v-neck for the revealing tank in the original set.  This could easily be replaced with a solid v-neck of any color.  If you are set on wearing a tank top, a sleeveless tank will fare better for the occasion.  As for the backpack, find a neutral that is toned down.  Marshalls and TJMaxx have a variety of canvas bags that would be great for a field trip, day trip, or the beach.


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