Styled 24-7:  Styled 24-7 features one item styled five ways and shows readers how to work the piece from sunrise to sunset, Monday – Sunday.

Teacher Dress Up:  No doubt, growing up you taught your cats, your dogs, your siblings, and your stuffed rabbits. Question is, did you do it in “costume”? Dress plays an integral role in the image we portray. You’ve got a job and probably have a Master’s degree, here’s how to show it.

Teaching Tips and Tricks:  You’re a teacher…a lifelong learner, right? Here’s a guide to welcoming new students, sending off the graduates, and everything in between.

Share the Wealth & Weekend Finds:  I’m a bargain shopper at heart and would be lying if I didn’t say a good day consists of a full cart at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Here, I’ll share my finds and create looks to decrease the cost per wear to a minimum.

Teacher Toys:  If the Kagan catalog lifts your spirits almost as much as the one from Anthropologie, you’re a teacher toy geek. Teacher Toys is a segment featuring products and solutions to enhance your instruction. DIY versions are available if the sudden onset of creativity struck at the time of post.

Beyond the Bell:  Believe it or not, teachers need to eat.  No matter how many times we tell students we need to eat just like they do, I’m shocked at the surprise on a student’s face when they see me at the dare I say it, grocery store.  So what if we belong to a gym, frequent the movies, and occasionally have a night out on the town in between parent emails, website updating, and essay grading. Here’s a guide to your beyond the bell attire.

Teaching Trenches: Teaching may suck up every last bit of energy you think you have,. Here’s a guide to surviving and calling yourself a professional.

Lunch Bunch:  I live for Thursday nights. The anticipation for the well-planned weekend is more enjoyable than how the actual Friday and Saturday night turn out.  I do not live for Thursday nights when there’s a potluck luncheon the next day, and I remember on my way home from work at 9 PM. Find simple recipes to impress your colleagues and build a repertoire of cooking basics.

Acceptable Plagiarism:  Teachers share lessons on the daily. So, why not collaborate on everything else. Acceptable Plagiarism is a collection of inspiration from around the world wide web.

Weekend Escape:  They say a teacher is always on duty, even when she’s at a rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike. Students are EVERYWHERE, even when we least expect it. Weekend Escape is a guide for efficient outfitting, styling, and packing. Here’s to hoping you make it through the trip without any student sightings.

Book Club:  I am not an avid reader, or even a leisure reader at that. In fact, the first time I ever read for pleasure was during my fifth year of teaching. Bored and contemplating a big move, at which point staring at the ceiling grew old and tired too, I began making up for the last four (illiterate) years. I continue to explore tales for my students, professional titles, and novels.

Socratic Seminar:  Staying current on education issues empowers teachers to speak up and validate their philosophies and practices. While I encourage discussion, debate, and questioning, please be respectful and remember that we all share one common interest: students.

Miss???:  As teachers, we wear many hats. Ask away and I’ll do my best to offer fashion, career, education, lifestyle, and etiquette advice.

I Need…I Want:  There’s a science to a carefully edited wardrobe. You name it, I’ll find it, at three different price points reflecting your willingness to splurge or save.

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