Acceptable Plagiarism: Stalkable Sites

In need of some teaching inspiration, I’ve been doing some targeted searching and have landed on two sites that I find to be packed with knowledge, application, and straight up quality.  The first of the sites – Middle School Teacher to Literacy Coach – is chock-full of practical strategies for reading workshop.  Some of my favorite posts include:

Middle School Teacher to Literacy CoachUsing mentor sentences to improve grammar:  This post outlines the perfect model for using mentor sentences as a means of grammar instruction.  A nice alternative to students CORRECTING erroneous sentences.

Great Anchor Charts:  Here (finding theme) and here (geared toward guided reading) and here (miscellaneous selection).

Making Guided Reading Groups Work in Middle Schools:  Though Kasey teaches at a school with a double period of language arts, this is still worth a read to gain better insight into materializing a guided reading group approach in your own classroom.  This is a great model for homogenous reading groups.

Fluency Strategies:  A basic, but decent list of five quick strategies to improve reader fluency.

Literature Study:  A very practical schedule for literature study – students organized in heterogeneous groups to build age-appropriate discussion about books.

Spelling:  A weeklong plan for individualized spelling assessment.

Writing Conferences:  A great video and post detailing a well-run writing conference

Classroom Library Activity:  A post outlining how Kasey organizes and introduces students to her classroom library.

B10Next up, B10 Loves Books.  Erica advocates for the They Say, I Say model.  She has great posts on both reading and writing.  Some of favorites include:

Academic Vocabulary – Using Marzano’s Approach:  I love this post because I use this approach in the classroom and it has proven incredibly helpful, especially with English Language Learners.

Word Chunking – Teaching Vocabulary: Teaching Latin word chunks as outlined by Kelly Gallagher.  Worth the read.

Holding Kids Accountable through Reading Ladders:  A great way for students to reflect on their reading progress. Erica includes a very detailed approach to this strategy.

Classroom Library Organization:  Erica relies on Classroom Booksource a computer-based check-in, check-out system and she provides a very thorough description of her collection and organization system.  She also has a book room organization post if you are looking to clean house.

Writing Workshop:  Erica has several posts to help you plan writing workshop in your classroom.  She has fairly extensive information on the “They Say, I Say” model.

Acceptable Plagiarism: Week of March 4th

In the edu•sphere, NYC’s value-added model for evaluation is under the microscope. Find out how value-added models, which use complex mathematics to predict how well a student can be expected to perform on an end-of-the-year test based on several characteristics, such as the student’s attendance and past performance on tests, are being implemented in teacher evaluations across the nation.

In the finance•sphere, check out Savy Sugar’s article on ways to discuss with your significant other/spouse the forsaken topic: money. I love this and think people need to have these conversations in their head and with their partner.

In the teach-me•sphere, check out an easy way to store your week’s worth of oatmeal. I’m not sure why there is an article because the picture is what I would call, self-explanatory. And, learn how to read faster, better, and more frequently in lifehacker’s article titled, “Reading for the Rushed”

Acceptable Plagiarism: Week of January 15, 2012

In the edu•sphere, David Ginsburg weighs the advantages of anticipating and allowing student mistakes, in order to reach success.

In the tech•sphere, an app to help put your left overs to use

teach-me•sphere, learn the characteristics of each skin type and discover your actual type at Elle Beauty. Skin-type diagnosis resembles a bra-fitting, you often find different results than you once thought.

Acceptable Plagiarism: Solutions to your post-holiday situations

Although we don’t acquire a hefty bonus at the end of the calendar year, you may have received a few cash gifts over the holidays. Although new boots or chic new watch may be on your wish list, here is another way to look at what you could be putting your money towards.

The holidays are full of gift exchanging; sometimes we nail it, sometimes we miss it. Have an awkward gifting moment, check out some tips for how to respond. And hey, while you’re at it, take a few moments to send a thank-you note to anyone who has gifted you cheer over the last few weeks. Here are a few tips on how to fill up that thank-you card.

Acceptable Plagiarism: Week of December 5, 2011

In the edu•sphere, the NEA steps up their attempt to redefine the teaching profession.  NEA President Dennis Van Roekel says a career ladder for teachers, with steps including Novice, Professional, and Master Teacher. Those in leadership roles would be evaluated less frequently and earn a higher salary in exchange for working longer hours, mentoring colleagues, and taking on more challenging teaching assignments. In addition, Van Roekel said NEA will help interested affiliates adopt peer-assistance and -review teacher evaluation programs. Something to raise the level of professionalism in this field?  I like.

In the fashion•sphere, this summer’s maxi skirts are being winterized all over the web.  Check out some street style inspiration at The Satorialist and Chill Air and Perfume’s down to earth interpretations (because New York’s walkways are more like runways).

In the shopping•sphere, I came across this sterling silver initial ring from at Avon.  I’ve never ordered anything from Avon, but think it’s a great gift with a personalized touch for under $15.  Would be a great gift for a teenage girl.

In the blogger•sphere, check out Cheap Chic’s guide to glitter tip nails, done in a non-blogger way.  Meaning, this look is attainable and not for ladies who take self-portraits in front of street signs and storefronts.

In the teach-me•sphere, check out this geek chic video from The Beauty Department if you’ve ever been called four eyes.  I take “visually impaired” to a whole new level with a whopping -7(if someone were to attack me in my sleep, I’d be screwed).00″ rx.

Acceptable Plagiarism: Week of November 14, 2011

In the edu•sphere, check out the New York Times article, “Tough Questions on Changing Teacher Evaluations” which calls to question the fairness of linking student achievement to teacher evaluations.

In the fashion•sphere, see The Glitter Guide or The Beauty Department for a fall polish to take you through the rest of November.

In the shopping•sphere, Lord and Taylor is having a featured sale pretty much every day. If you’re not already a subscriber, sign-up to receive in-store and online coupons.

In the blogger•sphere, visit Marionberry and see one (affordable) dress turned into three looks.

In the teach-me•sphere, take a look at Wendy’s equally adorable and artistic video, “How to wear a scarf 25 ways”.