Beyond the Bell: Spring Cocktails

Although Memorial Day seems ages away, I decided it was early enough to bring out the white jeans. I’m still comfortable wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a half-tucked silk blouse.  It’s simple, it works, and it can easily dress up or down based on the occasion.  Here, I selected two options for Team Gold and Team Silver.  I chose Moroccan-inspired earrings and accessories to pair against the blouse’s pattern.  If you prefer flats, these, these, or these, are all adequate options.

Beyond the Bell: Weekend Wear – Purple and Burgandy

Fall Weekend Wear: Skinny Cargos
A a lilac hue is rather unexpected for fall.  Pair it with “camo” green and burgundy, and you’ve instantly got fall attire.  The neutral shade in the earrings, boots, and bracelet all pair well with the light sweater, while the burgundy bag and hat provide a contrast.  I like this color combination because it’s an updated look for last year’s skinny cargos.

Beyond the Bell: Spring Evening Bridal Shower – Floral Dress Code

Evening showers are becoming ever-so-popular.  Young, not stuffy; celebratory, not boring.  These events are much more exciting than a brunch affair infested with in-laws devouring finger sandwiches and mortified grandparents gasping at the sight of racy lingerie.  This spring I am on the hunt for an outfit that fulfills the following requirements:

venue:  loft space

location:  New York City

purpose:  Friday evening bridal shower

season:  spring

dress code:  floral

additional requirements:  potential for a night on the town following the event

I put together the following sets based on four desired styles and the fact that my closet boasts a tremendous collection totaling ZERO floral items.

Floral Shower Spring

Sophisticated:  The pants favor a more classic approach and could be worn to work earlier in the day with a switch of shoes and an added jacket.

Feminine:  This is probably not the route I would go, but favors more of the “after party” piece of the equation.  Would be appropriate for a dressier crowd.

Casual:  I’m most comfortable in casual chic.  I love the idea of a loose blouse with a dress short. The heels and blazer are a requirement to keep the look appropriate for the occasion.

Polished:  Seems like the most practical option.  An easy-to-find floral skirt, paired with a simple white blouse (no buttons) and accessorized with a simple sandal and clutch.  I would begin building with items in my closet and then finding the missing pieces (as in, the skirt).

Beyond the Bell: Skinny Cargo Pants for Spring

After a stint of hesitation, a pair of Paige skinny cargo pants from Marshalls made their way into my closet.  Concerned about spending a whopping $50 on casual weekend pants. I am thrilled with the decision and wore them for three days straight…in this exact ensemble — the jacket, the oxford, the scarf, the boots.  I can see these pants paired with an ivory silk blouse or the palest pink silk blouse.  Or, how about a loose t-shirt and boyfriend cardigan.  They are probably too tight for even casual Fridays, so keep save them for your weekend plans.

Early Spring: Military/Equestrian