Teacher Dress Up: Spring Field Trip

Spring Field Trip

Spring Field Trip by teachinginstyle

Recently, I was on a spring, outdoor field trip. While I acknowledge that it’s difficult to dress comfortably for a field trip, there are certain articles to avoid. I saw a few too many outfits styled similar to the outfit on the left. While I wouldn’t be afraid to wear the outfit in public (minus that backpack), I wouldn’t necessarily wear it in front of teenagers or my colleagues on a school trip.

The outfit on the right is an alternative to the pieces from the original ensemble.  Just because a field trip calls for casual attire, doesn’t mean your weekend wear is appropriate.  I substituted a simple straight jean for the distressed style on the left, careful to avoid a too-skinny leg.  Also, I subbed a metallic sheen v-neck for the revealing tank in the original set.  This could easily be replaced with a solid v-neck of any color.  If you are set on wearing a tank top, a sleeveless tank will fare better for the occasion.  As for the backpack, find a neutral that is toned down.  Marshalls and TJMaxx have a variety of canvas bags that would be great for a field trip, day trip, or the beach.


Book Club: February 2015

Not all titles are hot off the press, but these reads have been rotating through the class library as of late.

Book Club - February 2015

Unbroken/Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children/The Raft/Never Fall Down/The Selection/Insignia

Unbroken:  mention is self-explanatory; well-received by boys; mass appeal due to film release; Lexile – 850

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children:  well-received by mature readers; sprinkling of photographs as bizarre as the text they accompany; Lexile – 890

Insignia:  well-received by both genders, especially boys; part one of a three-part trilogy followed by Vortex and Catalyst; Lexile – HL750

Never Fall Down:  High-Low book that fills the memoir genre; features the story of a Cambodian Genocide survivor; authenticity brought about through the broken English that captures the character’s voice; Lexile – 710

The Raft:  High-Low survival story packed with emotion; Lexile – HL680

The Selection:  Exactly what it looks like; present-day selection for the role of princess; A favorite among female readers; part one of a three-part series (followed by The Elite and The One; Lexile – HL680

Book Club: Summer Reads

Relying on Stephanie’s link up to piece together a sufficient summer year long reading list seems like a good idea.  Here are my picks…
Summer reads
The Fault in Our Stars was a three day read from the comfort of my couch.  Yes, I stayed up way beyond my curfew so that I could finish the book just in time to catch a pre-noon showing the very next day.  I still have Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park on my nightstand, and hope to get through one of the YA titles recommended on Buzzfeed’s “watch list” or on Teen Vogue’s “highly anticipated” list.  I like to hit the ground running with my next bunch of avid readers by using the latest lit lingo come September.

I like to satisfy my nerdy-teacher-book-craving with a few professional titles throughout the summer.  Jeff Anderson’s Mechanically Inclined and Teaching Argument Writing, Grades 6-12: Supporting Claims with Relevant Evidence and Clear Reasoning by George Hillocks, Jr.  are on the docket.

I.have.to.finish. Leila Meacham’s Tumbleweeds!  It’s been sitting on my shelf for two years and I’m about midway through the book.  I loved it so far, but just haven’t made it a priority to finish.  And if I’m feeling extra motivated, I may begin Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, which has been sitting on my bookshelf for quite some time.  Finally, an ambitious read which will definitely take me into the new year, The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt).  Others that I’ve heard rave reviews about:  The Good House by Ann Leary and The Hurricane Sisters by Dorothea Benton Frank.

Teacher Dress Up: Field Trip {Amusement Park}

Spring Field Trip

Dressing for field trips can be a bit chancy. Unpredictable rain, uncomfortable bus rides, air conditioning, sun, you never know. I would rather be warm than cold, so I paired a simple oxford, typical, with a pair of straight jeans. The winner in this outfit is the canvas backpack and espadrille loafers. These are so comfortable and practical.

I Need, I Want: Espadrilles

I Need, I Want: Espadrilles
For starters, Soludos — so comfortable.  Those are the only ones I can speak to, but there are a few others worth mentioning.  The leopard pair featured above is a great print if you are looking for a cheaper substitute for the Soludos version or the Steve Madden pair flying around the Internets.  Though I can’t attest to comfort,  the H&M print pair is full of style for just under $20.