Share the Wealth: January Dollar Tree Finds

The kids call me out on it, I have a Dollar Tree obsession.  I try to limit my visits to one per month, but sometimes I can’t help it.

dollar Tree Finds

1.  $1 Clipboards – I bought these for a walk-around-the-school activity.  This was a good $25 investment that I will have for at least another five years before they need replacing.  The kids loved writing on them and it made their walking/writing experience that much more meaningful.

2.  $1 Neon ribbon & neon duct tape (not pictured) – I usually begin my search at the Dollar Tree.  If I’m unsuccessful I move onto another option.  I was on the hunt for something NEON for no name-calling day.  The ribbon and tape were perfect.  My homeroom students created duct tape bracelets and the girls tied ribbon bows in their hair.

3.  $1 Die cut letters – these are essential.  These are commonplace at the Dollar Tree, which they weren’t before.  So, I always find the need to stock up, when in reality, they aren’t going anywhere.  I have an assortment of colors and patterns.  My rule is…buy two packages of each set because you don’t get too many duplicate letters.  These last for one  bulletin board and are well-worth it even though they don’t break easily along the perforation.

4.  $1 floral bouquets and glitter – don’t judge me yet.  As with many schools, we were charged with creating Valentine’s Day cards for the local nursing home.  I tried to come up with an economical and fun way to get kids engaged with the process.  The flowers were deconstructed, and petals were reassembled on the cards.  The glitter glue was PERFECT!  The glitter dried flat, was clean, and the fine tip offered enough control for small lines, letters, and shapes.