Teacher Dress Up: Spring 2015

I came across a red just-beyond-the-knee skirt at a few months back.  It’s nothing special in terms of quality, but the texture-print embossed on the fabric takes it from basic to statement piece.  I paired it with a slouchy, loose chambray shirt.  I held back on wearing it because I was looking for the perfect wedge to pair with the outfit.  I settled on a pair of pumps that I already owned and am more than happy with (more so after wearing them and breaking them in).  In fact, I just purchased a second backup pair.
As for accessories, the belt pulled the entire look together and paired well with the shoes, while the necklace added a bit of weight to the otherwise feminine look.

Teacher Dress Up: Field Trip {Amusement Park}

Spring Field Trip

Dressing for field trips can be a bit chancy. Unpredictable rain, uncomfortable bus rides, air conditioning, sun, you never know. I would rather be warm than cold, so I paired a simple oxford, typical, with a pair of straight jeans. The winner in this outfit is the canvas backpack and espadrille loafers. These are so comfortable and practical.

I Need, I Want: Espadrilles

I Need, I Want: Espadrilles
For starters, Soludos — so comfortable.  Those are the only ones I can speak to, but there are a few others worth mentioning.  The leopard pair featured above is a great print if you are looking for a cheaper substitute for the Soludos version or the Steve Madden pair flying around the Internets.  Though I can’t attest to comfort,  the H&M print pair is full of style for just under $20.

Share the Wealth: Gap $10 V-Neck Hi/Low Tunic

Gap V-Neck $10

I found these $10 v-necks stored in a fixture removed from the sale section. When I find a nice basic, I buy it in every color. I bought three of them and will wear them all year round. I’m glad I held off on the J.Crew merino tunic, because the sweaters are essentially the same piece.

Teacher Dress Up: Army Green for the Spring

Teacher Dress Up: Army green spring

I hesitated when I spotted a pair of army green Theory cropped trousers at Marshalls because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to wear them until the fall approached. I decided that it would be a nice way to add some spring pastels while still looking professional. So far, I’ve worn the pants with the a pale grey sweater, a lilac blouse, and peach/pink blouse.  I LOVE the look of yellow against the army green.  I added the tie neck blouse to add a girly touch and the blue bag for an unexpected color.